Wednesday, 3 October 2018

“Mridagandha Puraskar-2017”

Parbhani Chapter of Indian Society of Soil Science (PCISSS)
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
VN Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth Parbhani-431 402, Maharashtra
Telephone (O) 02452-234016 , Cell: 7588082045

Dr. Syed Ismail
President, PCISSS & Head, SSAC


No. GPC/PCISSS/819 /18
Date : 24.09.2018

“Mridagandha Puraskar-2017”

The  Parbhani  Chapter  of  Indian  Society  of  Soil  Science  (PCISSS)  is pleased   to   invite   the   applications   from   the   faculties   for   their   outstanding contributions  in  the  discipline  of  Soil  Science  and  Agricultural  Chemistry. Parbhani   chapter   recognizes   an   individual   whose   outstanding   contribution have  created  a  major  impact  by  the  spirit  of  innovation,  dedication,  excellence in  records  and  information  as  an  icon  in  the  development  of  the  Soil  Science and Agricultural Chemistry discipline in Maharashtra State.
Form  of  award/puraskar  :
A  memento,  a  citation  and  a  certificate  will  be  given  to  an  awardee  in  an special   function   organized   by   Parbhani   Chapter   of   Indian   Society   of   Soil Science  or  in  state  level  soil  science  seminar  or  any  function  whichever  may  be suitable for PCISSS.
Who  can  submit  the  application?
Applications  are  invited  in  a  single  hard  copy  from  the  suitable  persons  in the  name  of  President,  Parbhani  Chapter  of  Indian  Society  of  Soil  Science  , Department    of    Soil    Science    and    Agricultural    Chemistry,    Vasantrao    Naik Marathwada  Krishi  Vidyapeeth,  Parbhani-  431402  alongwith  biodata  and  brief note of contribution in the field of SSAC
      The    applicant    should    have    a    minimum    of    ten    years’    professional experience  in  the  cadre  of  Assistant  Professor  or  above  in  Soil  Science and Agricultural Chemistry discipline.
    Full proof application should reach to PCISSS on or before 10.10.2018.
     Late submitted /  received applications will not   considered for the award.
      Those who has already submitted their biodata in previous year they should just submit one page application alongwith updates if any.

(Syed Ismail)


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