Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry


  • The Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry came into existence in 1956 with the establishment of College of Agriculture
  • In early days of its inception, the department catered the need of under graduate teaching besides some preliminary soil and plant research. 
  • However, with the introduction of post graduate education in 1970-71, research activities extended cutting across the different sub disciplines with major emphasis on soil fertility and plant nutrition with subsequent strengthening of infrastructure facilities for undergraduate and post graduate teaching. 
  • At present department has developed into full grown discipline encompassing various sections viz. soil chemistry, soil genesis and classification, soil fertility, soil technology , soil biology, micro nutrient research, recycling of organic wastes and application of remote sensing technologies for soil fertility and plant nutrition.
  • A central instrumentation cell with modern State of Art Laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipments like AAS and computer facility at present catering the need of research and farmers soil and  plant analysis programme. 

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