• Parbhani chapter was formally inaugurated by Dr. V.S. Khupse,
  •  the then vice –Chancellor, M.K.V., Parbhani, in middle  of  1978
  •  at College of Agriculture, Parbhani. 

  • Dr. S.B. Varade was elected as the first President and Dr. G.U. Malewar 
  • as the Secretary. At the beginning, 25 members were on its role . 

  • The activities of the chapter aim at promoting the main objectives 
  • of Indian society of soil science thought exchange of  scientific  
  • ideas and information by organizing  special and invited talks, 
  • symposia, seminars, workshops and  group discussion.

  •  Since inception, the chapter carried out large number
  •  of activities, commensurate with its goals. 

  • Parbhani chapter is one of the leading chapters 
  • of Indian Society of soil Science and it is know for 
  • diversified and typical type of soil oriented research,
  • teaching and extension activities.  
  • This chapter over the years was most active
  •  in disseminating the knowledge of soil science 
  • and its application through meeting, discussion, 
  • farmers rally, and technology transfer. 

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